Job Descriptions

God Delegates Jobs

            God’s work is    t a s k   oriented.  He provides help, gifts and tools for every Christian and every job.  Each one’s needed, special and important.  Not a question of who’s most important on God’s team.  But a team working together.

  1.  The Father has a particular work.  He gave His Son.

  2.  The Son has a special work.  He gave His life.

  3.  The Holy Spirit has a special work.  He teaches comforts and convicts.

  4.  The angels have a special work.  They are messengers for God.

  5.  The prophets had a special work.  They represented God to man.

  6.  The priests had a special work.  They represented man to God.

  7.  The kings had a special work.  Rule the people.

  8.  The apostles had a special work. Get the church started.

  9.  The preacher has a special work. Preach the Word.

10.  The elders have a special work. Feed the flock. (teach)

11.  The deacons (or ministry leaders) have a special work. Help the preachers, elders,  teachers and staff.

12.  The evangelists have a special work. Preach and teach the Good News.

13.  The teachers have a special work. Teach the Word and the life.

14.  Men have a special work.  Lead in the home.


15.  Women have a special work.  Older women teach the younger women.

16.  Every Christian has a special work, b ased upon their spiritual gift.


Job Descriptions

The list of “Job Descriptions”is now complete: Preacher, Elder, Deacon, Teacher, Education Director, Church Secretary, Youth Minister and Church Custodian.  All found under the CATEGORY  –  JOB DESCRIPTIONS.

Youth Minister Job Discription

Youth Minister Job Description

  1.  Attend weekly staff meeting and other appropriate meetings.  2.  Monthly youth newspaper and/or mail-out.  3.  Coordinate all youth work.    A.  Recruitment and training of sponsors.    B.  Junior youth group.    C.  Junior High youth group.    D.  Senior High youth group.  4.  Key emphasis for youth.    A.  Leading non-Christians to accept Christ.    B.  Keep all programs Bible centered.    C.  Involve the youth in worship and service.    D.  Guiding youth in their spiritual growth:            a. To become soul winners.            b. To be students of and fall in love with the Bible.            c. To have an effective prayer life.            d. To learn the joy of giving.            e. To live the Christ centered life,  falling in love with Him.            f. To learn to stand alone for Jesus.            g. To discover their Spiritual Gift.            h. To find an area of Christian service.    E.  Guide youth toward camp and Bible College.  5.  Develop a youth mailing and prospect list.  6.  Have an annual youth revival.  7.  Lead in a weekly youth Bible study and prayer time.  8.  Work directly under the senior minister.  9.  Promote and be involved in area church youth activities.10.  Preaching opportunities mutually worked out with senior minister.11.  Special youth nights four times a year.12.  Weekly article for church news letter.13.  Welcome to have part in any community organizations and meetings that the senior minister is a part of:  Ministerial Association etc.14.  Prepare for annual planning meeting.  Evaluate, set goals, choose methods and delegate follow through and annual budget.

Custodian Job Descriiption

Custodian’s Job Description

  1.  General cleanliness of all buildings.

  2.  Rest rooms cleaned weekly.

       (Bowls, mirrors, toilets, urinals and floors.)

  3.  Locking and unlocking doors.  (Half an hour before and after services unless otherwise arranged.)

  4.  Heat set at 72 degrees all year around.

  5.  Turn on lights thirty minutes before services.

  6.  Setting up and taking down of tables and chairs.  (Check with the deacons.)

  7.  Vacuum the auditorium weekly.  (Check hymn books, silent roll call cards           

            etc.   Good general appearance.  – Check with the deacons.)

  8.  Check with the staff about cleaning their offices.

  9.  Keep hall ways waxed and/or buffed.

10.  General appearance of outside of building.  Parking lot,  lawns,  shrubs  etc.           

            (Check with deacons and/or trustees.)

 11.  All hard surface floors washed and waxed every three months.  Swept weekly.  (Check weekly for exceptions as needed.)

12.  Wash all windows inside and out every six months. (Check with the deacons.)

13.  Put all trash out according to weekly scheduled pick up.

Teacher’s Job Discription

Teacher’s Job Description

  1.  Read the Bible every day.  2.  Have a daily prayer life.  Pray for your students by name.  Ask God to lead and guide the coming lesson.  3.  Prepare the lesson for the coming Sunday.  4.  Have a goal or target for each lesson.  5.  Have a Bible lesson with an application for student’s lives.  6.  Prepare the class-room for maximum effectiveness.  7.  Contact students and prospects once a month either by telephone, mail or personal visit in their home or yours.  8.  Attend teacher’s meeting.  9.  Make an effort to improve your teaching skills and grow in Christ by reading, clinics, seminars etc.10.  Make every effort to be an example in worship, life and service.11.  Make the effort to lead every non-Christian student to Christ.

Education Director Job Discription

Christian Education Director’s Job Description

   1.  Oversee the Bible School – as a School of the Bible.       A.  Teachers  a. Recruitment and training.            b. Development of assistants (Substitutes) for every class.  c. Conduct monthly teachers meeting.  (Resourceful and motivational.)   B. Special Bible School Programs       a. Christmas  b. Before V. B. S.   c.  Promotion Sunday etc.  C.  Upgrade Bible School    a.  Curriculum under the direction of the Elders. b. Classrooms c. Resources for teachers.  D.  Order Supplies    E.  Contests to stimulate attendance   a. Each year with another church.                        b. Competition between classes (Team etc.)                      F.  DepartmentSuperintendents  a.Recruitment                       b. Job descriptions G.  Add classes as soon as possible. 3.  Annual Christian Education Clinic   A.  Choose top notch guest speaker.  B.  Advertise one month in advance.            C.  Precede with one week teacher training (Details included.)   D.  Invite area churches. E.  Decide amount of enrollment fee: a. To help with cost of outside speakers.    b. To help with expense of training materials.                        c. To cover the cost of the teacher’s banquet.            F.  Have registration receipts printed.    G.  Begin enrollment one month early.    .  Begin clinic with banquet and teacher appreciation.  I.  Put weekly reminders in teacher’s rooms.    J.  Encourage ALL teachers to go through the training.  4.  Teacher’s Training (One week of two hour sessions and clinic.)   A.  Promotion ideas included under Christian Education Clinic.  B.  Motivational materials            C.  Visual Aids   D.  How to prepare a lesson.                    E.  How to hold interest.  F.  How to handle discipline.            G.  How to study the Bible.  H.  Bible survey overview.             I.  Evangelism in your class.  J.  Your class and prayer.     K.  As you grow they grow.  L.  Ideas on getting your class to grow. M.  Current needs and interests of your teachers.  N.  How to make the application. 5.  Vacation Bible School  6.  Children’s Church program 7.  New member training. 8.  Leaders training. 9.  Attend the weekly staff meeting.10.  Prepare weekly article for the church news letter.  A.  About the Sunday school.  B.  For the teachers.11.  Prepare Annual Budget.12.  Prepare for the annual planning meeting .  A. Evaluate   B.  Set goals            C.  Choose methods  D.  Delegate follow through

Church Secretary Job Discripption

Church Secretary / Office Manager Job Description

  1.  Daily prayer with the staff.  2.  Work directly under the senior minister to prevent too many bosses.  3.  Prepare, print and mail the church news letter.  4.  Prepare, print and fold the weekly bulletin. 5.  Sort silent roll call cards as to visitors, prospects, prayer requests and information for the elders.  6.  Letters sent to visitors, new members and new Christians.  7.  Answer telephone.  8.  Print forms.  9.  Letters to congregation.10.  Basic annual printing jobs:    A.  Annual planning meeting    B.  Vacation Bible School                         C.  Congregational meeting   D.  Camp    E.  Evangelistic meeting    F.  Deeper life week    G.  Youth Revival    H.  Education Clinic     I.  Faith promise rally 11.  Order office supplies as needed.12.  Prepare annual office budget.13.  Prepare for annual planning meeting:      (Evaluate, set goals, choose methods and delegate follow through.) 14.  Bring in mail and file in proper boxes.15.  Keep records and statistics.16.  Record total home Bible study attendance.17.  Public relations:  Smooth ruffled feathers, build up church, minister, elders and staff.  Be warm and friendly.18.  Keep confidences; carefully avoid carrying on gossip or gripes.19.  Keep copies of all printed material for church files and for the preacher.20.  Keep filing up to date. 21.  Typing of committee reports and correspondence. 22.  Print and post office hours. 23.  Print regular meetings and activities in church paper and bulletin:    A.  Pot-lucks    B.  Committee meetings    C.  Board meetings    D.  Ladies meetings    E.  Youth meetings    F.  Prayer meetings  (Check annual calendar.) 24.  Dress professionally. (Some of these jobs should be delegated to volunteers.)