Christian Convention comes to Chicago

Looking to get refreshed? Want to connect with other Christians and emerse yourself in Christian teaching, worship and fellowship? Then attending a Christian convention might just be the right answer.

Next year, June 19-23, 2013 The Filipino and American Christian Convention (FACC) will be coming to Lisle, IL just west of Chicago and YOU ARE INVITED!

We will share with you more information later but please note that Larry Ferguson will be involved with the FACC so save the date now and please click the image here and “like” the FACC FaceBook page. That will help us spread the word.

Filipino and American Christian Convention

Thank you,
Drew Powell – Executive Board Member (CES / FACC)


Some Sightseeing in Cebu

While in Cebu, Philippines, Larry was able to get in a small amount of sightseeing. My family was able to show Larry around to a few of the main spots. The views up on the mountain are amazing.


Some pictures from the Philippine Trip

Its a big goal to travel across a country and reach out to as many ministers and seminary students as possible. Its also a challenge to do so in the developing world. We can send and continue to send missionaries to countries like the Philippines but it is also important that we foster Church growth and nurture home-grown ministers carry the good news to their own people and other parts of the world.

Thank you Larry and Cathie for your hard work and effort on this trip.

Here are some pictures from the recent trip


Andrew Powell