This is from the CES Seminar “Revival of Prayer” Suggesting that every group in the church has 15 minutes of prayer before they begin. This includes Bible School, youth meetings, women’s meetings, committee meetings, men’s meetings, choir, worship team etc.  These are ideas of some of the things that could be prayed about.

  1.  The sick by name and need  2.  Leaders of the church by name and need.  3.  Missionaries by name and need.  4.  Preacher and wife by  name and need.  5.  Particular praise to Jesus, the Holy Spirit and the Father.  6.  Lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge Him.  7.  Surrender to the leading of the Holy Spirit.  8.  Brighten the building program and finances.  9.  For faith.10.  For Vision  11.  For wisdom.12.  The Helping Hands ministry.  (Women’s ministries) 13.  The youth ministry.14.  The Muppets ministry. 15.  The worship team. 16.  The transparency team.17.  Boldness and courage.18.  That we take advantage of any opportunity to share Christ.19.  That we be salt and light.20.  That we put God first in our lives.21.  Restore to us the joy of our salvation.   22. Resist satan. 23.  Unity,  oneness in Christ Jesus.24. To glorify and lift up Christ.25.  That we be filled with the Holy Spirit.26.  That we love all people. 27. That we reach thirty new people for Christ in the next twelve months. 28.  Praise and thanksgiving for the way that God is leading us right now. 29. That God will continue to lead us.30.  Thanks for:  The cross,  salvation, the church,  the Bible,  Prayer and the hope of heaven.31.  That every Christian will use their Spiritual Gift for God.32.  For God to draw us close to Him as we learn to acknowledge Him more in a Revival of Prayer.  33.  Give our leaders vision,  faith,  courage and wisdom.  (Wisdom means looking at life from God’s point of view.  Knowing and doing right.) 34.  Bible Colleges,                        35. Government. 36.  Help us to love the Word of God and to hunger and thirst after righteousness. 37.  Help us to have a deep desire to meet people’s needs and a wonderful satisfaction in doing it. 38.  Help us to praise You more completely. 39.  To bless Your people abundantly. 40.  For a revival of Christian values in America. 41.  Help us to give generously.




 1.  Be a companion to the lonely.  2.  Be the great problem solver to those with problems.  3.  Help those that have financial difficulties . 4.  Comfort those that need comfort.  5.  Protect those under attack.  6.  Encourage the discouraged.   7. Give wisdom to those making decisions.  8.  Give direction to those that don’t know which way to turn.  9.  Bring unity to broken families. 10.  Take away the pain of those that are hurting. 11.  Bring joy to the unhappy. 12.  Strengthen the faith of those who doubt. 13.  Give a vision to those who have lost hope. 14.  Help those that are negative to be positive.          15.  Help those that worry to trust You more. 16.  Help those whose foundation is weak to love Your Word. 17.  Teach us to pray,  to acknowledge You in all of our ways. 18.  Help us to please You and glorify You19.  Help us to let our light shine for You. 20.  Bless Your people with prosperity and let them know that it came from You. 21.  Provide for us so that we are able to give generously.


MORE WORSHIP PRAYER # 2 – PRAISING THE LORD This list of topics will be helpful in your prayers of thanksgiving and praise. If you have others to add, write them down. This list originated in an elders meeting and was the foundation for the prayer time that evening. They are God You are prayers
You are my Strong Right Arm    My hiding place   My Shepherd Shelter Rock You are Good My Provider You are Life My Strength. You are Light You are Truth You are my Hope You are Faithful You are my Reason for Living You are my Shield The Builder of the house You are Merciful You Reign forever You are Love The Judge of the world You are Wisdom You hear and answer prayer You know me Creator of Heaven and Earth You are my Protector You are most Holy You are Righteous You Restore You are Almighty You are our Teacher You are Compassionate You are our Elder Brother You are Lord Holy, Holy, Holy art Thou You are my Savior You are the Lamb You are my Encourager Jesus Saves You are my Defender You are my Counselor He satisfies You are Prince of Peace You are worthy You are the Everlasting Father He is Risen Your Love endures forever He is preparing a place for us You adopted us He is the Still small Voice You made us joint heirs God is my Judge You are the Great Physician You are my Promise Keeper You are the Lawgiver You never forget You forgive / You are Just / You are my Helper You are my Refuge You are Awesome You understand You are Power You listen Beginning and the End You have spoken You are my Comforter You wait You Convict You are Boldness You are Wonderful You are my Joy You uphold You give another chance You are Sweet You are Glorious You are my Sanctuary You free me from bondage You are my King You Direct my paths You are Trustworthy


WORSHIP PRAYER # 2                                               PRAYERS OF PRAISE

  1.  You are Holy  2.  You are Love  3.  You are Merciful         4.  You are our Creator  5.  You are the giver of all good and perfect gifts.  6.  You are our Salvation  7.  You are our Rock and Foundation  8.  You are our Hope  9 . You lift up our souls. 10.  You are our Provider. 11.  You are our Shield and Protector. 12.  You are our Light. 13.  You direct our paths.  14.  You take care of all of our needs. 15.  You help us in the time of trouble. 16.  You answer our questions. 17.  You give us the reason for living. 18.  You are our Strength. 19.  You are our Wisdom. 20.  You are our Peace. 21.  You are the Chief Shepherd.  22.  You are the Great Physician and Healer.


WORSHIP PRAYER # 1 – CALLING ON GOD                 Jeremiah 33:3

“Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.”

 1.      Help us glorify You 2.      Help us to be led by the Holy Spirit – (sensitive to His leading) 3.      Help us become a soul winning church – (reaching the unchurched)4.      Help us become a discipling church. 5.      Help us meet people’s needs like Jesus did. 6.      Help us overcome the evil one. 7.      Help us be filled with joy. 8.      Help us to be filled with love. 9.      Help us be a generous church. 10. Help us to become an equipping church.11. Help us to be founded on the Word of God, the Bible. 12. Help us to overcome barriers and obstacles.13. Help us to walk by faith and not by sight.14. Help us to be filled with worship and praise.15. Help us to be grateful and appreciative.16. Help us to be obedient and willingly.


(Learning to be open and up front with God.)  1.  Lord bring about positive change.  2.  I come repenting for things not done that you’ve asked me to do and things I did that you asked me not to.  3.  I admit my lack of wisdom.  4.  I admit my failures.  (Name them.)  5.  I admit my mistakes.  (Name them.)  6.  I admit my sins.  (Name them.)  7.  I admit my needs.  (Name them.)  8.  Cause me to have an  e x c I t e m e n t   about your work.  9.  Help me  m e e t   p e o p l e s   n e e d s.10.  I pray that decisions for Christ will be made weekly.11.  Help me to reach new people.12.  I pray for sincere conversions.13.  I ask you to change lives for Christ.14.  For spiritual and numerical growth and that many will come to visit.15.  Help me to  b e a r   f r u i t  for you


CALLING OUT TO GOD PRAYERS  1.  God,  please don’t  a l l o w   t h i s   c h u r c h   t o  die.  2.  Send forth laborers,  you said that if I asked,  you would.  3.  Give me a new vision.  Keep my vision alive and fresh.  4.  Revive me.  5.  Renew me with your Holy Spirit.  6.  Don’t punish me as I deserve.  7.  I seek your Loving kindness and mercy.  8.  Help me to trust you 100%.  9.  I seek to glorify you.10.  I seek to come to you in  h u m b l e   r e p e n t a n c e.11.  Open my eyes to see things from Your point of view.12.  Give me new life.