A Root Problem is the neglect of some basic truth or principle in the Bible. These cause of the Surface Problems.

1. Lack of faith.

2. Lacking a prayer life.

3. Lack of love.

4. Not hospitable.

5. Doesn’t know God’s priorities.

6. Not familiar with Biblical concept of the Body of Christ and Spiritual Gifts.

7. A form of Godliness, but denying the power thereof.

8. Not hungering and thirsting after righteousness.

9. Not acknowledging Him in all of their ways.

10. Not seeking to be salt.

11. Not loving their neighbor as themselves.

12. Not realizing that the “greatest” is servant of all.

13. Lack of vision.

14. Lack of Bible knowledge.

15. No assurance of salvation.

16. Poor stewardship.

17. Not evangelistic.

18. Lack of praise and glorification of God.

19. Doesn’t understand the purpose of the church.

20. Not seeking first the Kingdom.

21. Not putting on the armor of God.

22. Not seeking to be light.

23. Not taking up cross daily.

24. Not loving Him with all their heart, soul, mind and strength.

This list is not intended to be all inclusive. However I believe it does cover the majority of “Root Problems.”



What seems to be a problem is often really a symptom of something else that is the actual cause. I am calling these symptoms Surface Problems.

1. Against missions.

2. Against the youth program.

3. Doesn’t want a youth minister.

4. Against adding staff.

5. Against lengthening service.

6. Against adding services.

7. Against adding a Bible School.

8. Harsh with people.

9. Against change in general.

10. Over emphasis of constitutions and by-laws.

11. Cold

12. Desires authority and power to have the final word.

13. Holds a grudge.

14. Negative about everything.

15. Wants nothing new.

16. Against outreach.

17. No appreciation.

18. Stingy, tight with money.

19. Doesn’t want to help the poor and needy.

20. Always tearing down.

21. Against changing the order of service.

22. Leaves God out, believes results depend only on man’s efforts.

23. Doesn’t want spiritual things in the business meetings.  There is a place for that kind of stuff., but not here.

You can quickly see that, primarily, the kinds of things I am addressing here are problems with “Decision Makers” in the church. I address other kinds of problems in the CES Seminar. Problems such as immorality, bitterness, covetousness, greediness etc. under Discipline in the “Elders” Session.


Our attitude about problems is very important. Instead of falling apart and being discouraged we should look st problems as opportunities. Problems are opportunities to:

1. Give help

2. Teach

3. Preach

4. Equip

5. Improve

6. Call out to God

7. See God work

8. Defeat satan

9. Accept a challenge

10. Taste sweet victory for the Lord

11. Show our love for people

12. Knock down a barrier

13. Lead people to victory

Though these examples cover many attributes of looking at Problems as Opportunities, the list is not intended to be complete or all conclusive.