Custodian Job Descriiption

Custodian’s Job Description

  1.  General cleanliness of all buildings.

  2.  Rest rooms cleaned weekly.

       (Bowls, mirrors, toilets, urinals and floors.)

  3.  Locking and unlocking doors.  (Half an hour before and after services unless otherwise arranged.)

  4.  Heat set at 72 degrees all year around.

  5.  Turn on lights thirty minutes before services.

  6.  Setting up and taking down of tables and chairs.  (Check with the deacons.)

  7.  Vacuum the auditorium weekly.  (Check hymn books, silent roll call cards           

            etc.   Good general appearance.  – Check with the deacons.)

  8.  Check with the staff about cleaning their offices.

  9.  Keep hall ways waxed and/or buffed.

10.  General appearance of outside of building.  Parking lot,  lawns,  shrubs  etc.           

            (Check with deacons and/or trustees.)

 11.  All hard surface floors washed and waxed every three months.  Swept weekly.  (Check weekly for exceptions as needed.)

12.  Wash all windows inside and out every six months. (Check with the deacons.)

13.  Put all trash out according to weekly scheduled pick up.


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