Heart of a Revival of Prayer

The “HEART” of a Revival of Prayer is calling out to God for the future of your church.

Proverbs 3:4,6 “Acknowledge me in all of your ways and I will direct your paths”

Jeremiah 33:3 “Call unto me and I will answer you . . . ”

Four Sermons on prayer

13 weeks of lessons on prayer

3 pointed prayers in the worship service

15 minutes of prayer in every meeting

Prayer room early Sunday morning & during the service

24 hours of prayer at the church building.

1 Day of prayer and fasting

All of this within a 13 week time period makes up A Church Encouragement Services “Revival of Prayer.”

The Church Encouragement Services week- end seminar provides the four sermon outlines, the 13 lessons on prayer, the topics for the 15 minutes of prayer and suggestions for the 3 prayers for the worship service and gives much help on actual implementation.



14 Barriers that hinder growth & lead to death            1. Not identifying problems.            2. Not calling out to God.            3. No Vision.            4. The Bible is not the ultimate authority.            5. No one is sharing the Good News.            6. Leadership weak.             7. Confusion of preacher’s job description.            8. Confusion of elder’s job description.            9. Confusion of deacon’s job description.          10. No one being equipped.          11.  Poor preparation.          12. Not making Sunday special.          13. Problems left unsolved.          14. Little or no implementation.  

14 Solutions to the Barriers

1. Problems identified.            2. Now calling out to God.            3.  Vision established.            4. The Bible is the ultimate authority.            5. Now sharing the Good News.            6. Strong Leaders.             7. Clear preacher’s job description.            8. Clear elder’s job description.            9. Clear deacon’s job description.          10. Members being equipped.          11. Quality preparation.          12. Every Sunday special.          13. Problems solved.          14. Strong implementation.


There are at least 25 things connected with salvation in the New Testament. In the CES Seminar session “What Happened to the Good News?” I list these 25  different things related to the forgiveness of sins. It seems that one church or another has a tendency to emphasize one or two on that list and leave out the most important. EMPHASIZE JESUS. Also in that session I offer this little outline to help EMPHASIZE JESUS. I call it:

Emphasizing JESUS 

                   When Sharing God’s Plan of Salvation

1. BELIEVING                                                                        Shows Jesus that you accept Him & His Word.

2. REPENTANCE                                                                     Shows Jesus we are sorry for our sins.

3. CONFESSION                                                                    Shows Jesus that we are not ashamed of Him.

4. BAPTISM                                                                           Shows Jesus that we are ready to be obedient to Him.


1. BELIEVING                                                                            You’ll come to the conclusion that believing alone saves.

2.REPENTANCE                                                                         You’ll come to the conclusion that repentance alone saves.

3. CONFESSION                                                                        You’ll come to the conclusion that confession alone saves.

4. BAPTISM                                                                                You’ll come to the conclusion that baptism alone saves.

My friend,     JESUS SAVES!



The purpose of the church begins with two great commandments:

(1) Love God with all your heart soul mind & strength.

(2) Love your neighbor as you love yourself.

However, under these two primary commands come other instruction as to God’s priorities for His church.

(1) To Gorify God. Ephesians 1:6b -13b  &  3:20 & 21

(2) To make disciples. Matthew 28:19

(3) To teach, equip, disciple and train those new disciples Matthew 28:20 – Ephesians 4:11 & 12

Getting sidetracked from God’s priorities  and creating our own priorities is the primary reason 76 to 115 churches per week are closing down in America.

And conversely, returning to God’s priorities is the cause for new life in so many churches that had lost life. 

Silent Sermons / Placards

SILENT SERMONS or PLACARDS                  

From the manual  – “Raising the Dead”

(New Life for Churches)   By Larry Ferguson                    

  1.  “Priorities of the Church”

              (At the end of Chapter six on “Leaders.”)

  2.  All Things Building Up”

             I Corinthians 14:26

  3.  “All Things Decently and In Order”

             I Corinthians 14:40

  4.  “In All Things Love”

             I Corinthians 16:14

  5.  “God Deserves First Class”

  6.  “God Didn’t Make No Junk”

           copied (Poster available.)

  7.  “Set Things Up For Success” 

  8.  “Use Me or Lose Me”

  9.  “Plan Your Work – Work Your Plan”

10.  “It Starts With a Revival of Prayer.”

11.  “Preacher’s Job Description”

        (Copy at the end of Chapter Seven.)

12.  “Elder’s Job Description”

        (Copy at the end of Chapter Eight.)

13.  “Deacon’s Job Description”

        (Copy at the end of Chapter Nine.)

14.  “Teacher’s Job Description”

        (Copy at the end of Chapter Ten.)

15.  “Acknowledge Him In All Of Your Ways

        And He Will Direct Your Paths” Proverbs 3:6

16.  “Planning Procedure”

       ( Copy at the end of chapter 11)

17.  “Problems Are Opportunities.”

18.  “Always Be Joyful” I Thessalonians 5:16

19.  “Pray Without Ceasing” I Thessalonians 5:17

20.  “In Everything Give Thanks”

          I Thessalonians 5:18

21.  “Where God Guides, He Provides”

22.  “Plan Success for the Low Times”

23.  “Take Time to Show Appreciation”

24.  “What You Say Is What You Get”

25.  “When God Shuts One Door He Opens Another”

26.  “Don’t Deny, Identify”

27.  “The Family Doesn’t Grow

         If There Are No New Babies”

28.  Baby Steps