Encouragement to Preachers

I just got off the phone with a preacher that was considering having a Church Encouragement Services Seminar. I met him at the North American Christian Convention in Kansas City.  He told me that he just resigned. He doesn’t know if God still wants him in the ministry. He believed that the CES Seminar was just what his church needed. He is so discouraged. I believe that we could have been a big help.

The problem with so many churches is that they don’t think they need any OUTSIDE help, and it’s hard to convince them any different. Hey, if churches can bring new life without any “outside” help, I think it’s wonderful and great.

But the problem is too many churches don’t know what to do to fix it and they just get more and more discouraged.

I’m trying my best to let churches know there is help and there is hope and the promise of new life. Help me get the word out. Let churches know about Church Encourgement Services.  Join me in this prayer. Dear Heavenly Father, Please put the help we offer and the churches that need it, together. And we also pray for discouraged preachers and their wives. In Jesus name. Amen

Together, seeking to bear much fruit for our Master, Larry



1. Always complain. {Gloom & doom type people.)

2. Criticism is the norm.

3. Nay-sayers. – Negative all the time.

4. Don’t support his leadership, vision, goals & methods. (Even to the extent of witholding their tithe.)

5. Talk him down behind his back.

6. Don’t support his classes and functions.

7. Sour attitudes.

8. They drag their feet. (Red tape to progress.)

9. Vote down his recommendations.

10. Criticize his wife.

11. Leave him out of their social life.

12. They vote him out while he’s on vacation, sabotage his leadership.


1. Pray daily for him by name. – (Find out needs.)

2. Encourage him. – (Be specific.)

3. Invite him & his wife to meals and fellowship.

4. Take them out to dinner.

5. Remember special days: birthday, anniversary etc.

6. Send them encouraging cards.

7. Ask how you can help.

8. Support special courses and functions recommended.

9. Brag to others about your Preacher/Pastor.

10. Look for opportunities to provide a blessing. Sometimes money and sometimes not.

11. Kind words are much appreciated.

12. See that their needs are met. Take time to discover what they are.

13. Help make their dreams come true.

14. Expedite church business with a sense of urgency.

15. Tell your world about his great sermons.

16. Find opportunities to compliment.

17. Write encouraging letters.

18. Repair the Preacher’s car

19. All expense paid trip to –

20. Send to favoritie seminars.

21. Stock up a batch of groceries,

22. Help with insurance.

23. Keep computer upgraded.

24. Retirement benefits.

25. Gift certificates.

26. Significaant raises in pay/salary/benefits.

27. Get a gift certificate for cleaning.

28. Bless his wife – flowers – pamper her.

29. Buy him a new suit.

30. Provide a gasoline card.

31. Updated church office equipment.

32. Books for his library.

33. A get-away week-end – all expenses paid.

34. Help $ with his vacations.