Larry & Cathie

I have been in the ministry for over forty years. God used this experience to give me a heart for discouraged churches. This ministry “Church Encouragement Services Inc.” is primarily week-end seminars based on my manuscript “Raising the Dead” (new life for churches) The ministry has four focus points: (1) To the unhealthy struggling church   (2)  Equipping and leadership training.  (3) Old fashioned revival and (4) Insights into practical ministries. Cathie & I present these week-end seminars at local churches all over the country. It is primarily for decision making leadership. All that is required is that each participant purchases the manual for $30, round trip transportation, a love offering, along with room and board while we are there. A free CES Introduction Packet is available by contacting us: rtdmin@hoosierlink,net  (574) 274-8288 or 501 Pennsylvania Ave. – Plymouth, IN 46563



*My first ministry had been in a terrible church split. It eventually closed its doors many years after I had moved on. 

*Later I experienced, and was a part of, a struggling church headed toward death and then coming back to life.

*Statistics show that there are dozens of churches in America closing their doors every week.

*These experiences and facts caused me to write the manuscript “Raising the Dead” (New Life for Churches.)

*This then then led to Church Encouragement Services and the CES Week-end Seminars. It is Incorporated in the State of Indiana as a (not for profit) ministry, has a Constitution and by-laws, is registered with the Federal Government as 501 C 3 status and works with Larry Ferguson as Director and six Executive Board Members.

*This ministry”officially” began May 5, 2004 after Larry resigned from a ten year ministry @ Plymouth, Indiana. The elders of this church re-ordained Larry into this ministry and sent him out with their blessing and support. One of those elders is on the CES board.