Preacher’s Job Discription

Preacher’s Job Description

  1. 1. Preach the Word of God. Exhorting, reproving and rebuking.  The milk and the meat of the Word.  Enthusiastically in love with pointed applications.  Explaining how to get started.
  2. Much personal Bible reading and study.
  3.  Much personal prayer in conversation with God.
  4. General study.  Reading, listening to tapes, attending seminars, clinics and conventions.  Feeding himself to feed others.
  5. Equipping.  Training others to lead, serve and use their spiritual gift.
  6. Setting in order.  Like a coach, directing by the blueprint of God’s Word.  Delegating to see that God’s purposes, plans and priorities are carried out.
  7. Decently and in order.  God is not the author of confusion.
  8. Soul winning.  Motivating and equipping others to be soul winners by teaching and example.
  9. In all things love.


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