Church Secretary Job Discripption

Church Secretary / Office Manager Job Description

  1.  Daily prayer with the staff.  2.  Work directly under the senior minister to prevent too many bosses.  3.  Prepare, print and mail the church news letter.  4.  Prepare, print and fold the weekly bulletin. 5.  Sort silent roll call cards as to visitors, prospects, prayer requests and information for the elders.  6.  Letters sent to visitors, new members and new Christians.  7.  Answer telephone.  8.  Print forms.  9.  Letters to congregation.10.  Basic annual printing jobs:    A.  Annual planning meeting    B.  Vacation Bible School                         C.  Congregational meeting   D.  Camp    E.  Evangelistic meeting    F.  Deeper life week    G.  Youth Revival    H.  Education Clinic     I.  Faith promise rally 11.  Order office supplies as needed.12.  Prepare annual office budget.13.  Prepare for annual planning meeting:      (Evaluate, set goals, choose methods and delegate follow through.) 14.  Bring in mail and file in proper boxes.15.  Keep records and statistics.16.  Record total home Bible study attendance.17.  Public relations:  Smooth ruffled feathers, build up church, minister, elders and staff.  Be warm and friendly.18.  Keep confidences; carefully avoid carrying on gossip or gripes.19.  Keep copies of all printed material for church files and for the preacher.20.  Keep filing up to date. 21.  Typing of committee reports and correspondence. 22.  Print and post office hours. 23.  Print regular meetings and activities in church paper and bulletin:    A.  Pot-lucks    B.  Committee meetings    C.  Board meetings    D.  Ladies meetings    E.  Youth meetings    F.  Prayer meetings  (Check annual calendar.) 24.  Dress professionally. (Some of these jobs should be delegated to volunteers.)


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