Job Descriptions

God Delegates Jobs

            God’s work is    t a s k   oriented.  He provides help, gifts and tools for every Christian and every job.  Each one’s needed, special and important.  Not a question of who’s most important on God’s team.  But a team working together.

  1.  The Father has a particular work.  He gave His Son.

  2.  The Son has a special work.  He gave His life.

  3.  The Holy Spirit has a special work.  He teaches comforts and convicts.

  4.  The angels have a special work.  They are messengers for God.

  5.  The prophets had a special work.  They represented God to man.

  6.  The priests had a special work.  They represented man to God.

  7.  The kings had a special work.  Rule the people.

  8.  The apostles had a special work. Get the church started.

  9.  The preacher has a special work. Preach the Word.

10.  The elders have a special work. Feed the flock. (teach)

11.  The deacons (or ministry leaders) have a special work. Help the preachers, elders,  teachers and staff.

12.  The evangelists have a special work. Preach and teach the Good News.

13.  The teachers have a special work. Teach the Word and the life.

14.  Men have a special work.  Lead in the home.


15.  Women have a special work.  Older women teach the younger women.

16.  Every Christian has a special work, b ased upon their spiritual gift.


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