CES is incorporated in the state of Indiana & has 501C3 status with the Federal Government. We appreciate so much the support and donations of those who care about & believe in this ministry. All contributors are sent a receipt & a card of appreciation.

Presently our needs are: Stamps and envelopes. The Lord and faithful supporters have provided for a brand new state of the art office computer. Our primary need at this time is support for our 2010 Spring trip back to the Phillipines. (air fare – producing manuals for the three colleges etc.) Please pray for God to continue to supply.

Regular contributions go toward our livelihood along with current needs, expences  and supplies like toner, paper & postage.

Our Heavenly Father & great caring folks like you have provided in such a way that this ministry is both able to maintain & progress. We want to make sure that He gets the credit. He certainly is our provider.