So Much in a CES Seminar

Church Encouragement Services

     Seminar Content

How to:

Motivate, Delegate, Deal with Problems, Create a Vision, Establish an Evangelism Ministry, Oversee, Identify Problems, Plan, Implement, Equip, Make Sunday Special, Identify Needs, Make Meetings Productive, Bring Visitors Back, Develop New Leadership, and especially How to Bring God’s Direction to Your Church.


Suggested Agendas, Job Descriptions, Priorities of the Church, Milk of the Word, Meat of the Word, Signs of a Dying Church, Re-establishing proper authority, Leadership skills, Preparing a Lesson, Developing Curriculum, Finding Hope in Hopeless Situations, Examples of churches that died, A dying church brought back to life, Dealing with discipline, Tools and methods to accomplish God’s task.

Twelve barriers that bring death to a church:

  1. Not recognizing problems
  2. Leaving God out
  3. No Vision
  4. Bible not final authority
  5. No Good News
  6. Dysfunctional Leaders
  7. Preacher, Elder’s, Deacon’s job description distorted
  8. No one being equipped
  9. Poor or no preparation
  10. Sunday not special
  11. Problems ignored or poorly handled

12.Much talk but no implementation

Solutions that bring new life:

  1. Problems identified
  2. God brought back into the picture
  3. Discovering a vision
  4. Re-discovering the Bible
  5. Good news abounds
  6. Leaders lead
  7. Job descriptions clearly defined
  8. Christians equipped for ministry
  9. Quality preparation
  10. Sunday made special
  11. Problem solving procedure

12. Dreams and plans implemented


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