113 Signs of a Dying Church (103-113)

1.             D o n ‘ t  st a r t  o n  t I m e.2.             Teachers are unprepared.3.             A loud minority runs the church.  What they say, more than what is right or wrong.4.             Complain about what’s wrong, but never how to fix it God’s way.5.             Tell what to do but not how to do it.6.             Act like they are perfect.  (Holier than thou.)7.             Take credit for others work.8.             Always looking for the glory.9.             Want the praise too much.10.         No appreciation given for those that do s e r v e  the Lord.11.         No effort to bring anyone.


113 Signs of a Dying Church ( 88-102)

1.             Discipline without love.2.             Uncomfortable talking about the things of God.3.             Outdated stuff on the bulletin boards and walls.4.             Building used very little.  (Only Sundays.)5.             Little or no activities.6.             Parsonage in poor repair.  (If there is a parsonage.)7.             Preacher not given a raise in pay.8.             The preacher is not allowed to go to seminars, clinics, conventions and not allowed days off or vacations.9.             Not aware of the preacher’s n e e d s .  (Or his wife and family.)10.         No goals, targets or dreams.11.         F u n e r a l  type music.12.         Attitude of do it and get it over with.  (Sermons, baptisms, prayer etc.)13.         The preacher does most everything.14.         The preacher is paid to do it philosophy.15.         Warnings to the seven churches from the book of Revelation:A.      Lost their first love.B.     Lukewarm.C.     Afraid and unfaithful.D.     Tolerate sin and b a d  a t t I t u d e s.E.     False teaching and no repentance.F.      Asleep.G.     Respect for the wealthy more than others.

113 Signs of a Dying Church (65-87)

1.             Not aware of God’s plan. 2.             Minimal k n o w l e d g e of the Bible.3.             No calling out or crying out to God.4.             Division.5.             Cliques.6.             Emphasis on social rather than spiritual.7.             Rejection of new ideas.8.             Resistance to change.9.             It won’t work here syndrome.10.        Everything seems too much of an effort.11.        Not willing to give any time.12.        Sacrifice is out of the question.13.        Not familiar with the d a n g e r s  of apostasy. (backsliding)14.        Don’t know how to fix it.15.        Blame each other.16.        Not willing to take a stand for anything.17.        Isolation from other churches.18.        Against multiple staff.19.        Against having a secretary.20.        Against visuals.21.        Against new songs.22.        Not against s i n.23.        Don’t make waves philosophy.

113 Signs of a Dying Church (43-64)

1.             Sunday school attendance is minimal.2.             Preacher dominated by leadership instead of team effort.3.             Problems poorly handled, ignored or magnified.4.             No plans for growth.5.             Little or no show of love.6.             Hold g r u d g e s.7.             Arguing at business meetings.8.             Threats to quit.9.             Forget the purpose of the church.10.         Priorities confused.11.         Lose touch with God.12.         Fail to seek God’s advice and direction.13.         Bitterness, hatred and a lack of forgiveness.14.         Critical with a focus on peoples f a u l t s.15.         The Holy Spirit is neglected.16.         The joy of salvation and serving Jesus is lost.17.         Routine, rut, ritual and action without meaning.18.         Problems are not looked at as o p p o r t u n I t I e s.19.         Things are thrown together and done second class with God getting the leftovers.20.         Confusion.21.        Disorganization.22.        No world vision.

113 Signs of a Dying Church (21-42)

1.             No soul winning.2.             Power struggle among the leaders.3.             Preachers don’t stay long.4.             Music is a slow and lifeless routine.5.             There’s no testimony of what Christ is doing in lives.6.             The facilities are in poor condition.7.             Visitors feel that the church is cold and dead.8.             Lack of unity.9.             Preachers are f i r e d  time after time.10.         Not meeting the n e e d s  of the church or the community.11.         No equipping of Christians for ministry.12.         The elders are not teaching.13.         Sermons lack power.  No Biblical application to everyday life.14.         Giving is minimal, few tithers.15.         No missions or constant struggle against any giving outside the local congregation.16.         Lack of c o – o p e r a t I o n.17.         No one sent out to become preachers.18.         No volunteers.19.         The Biblical purposes of the church are lost.20.         Pessimistic.21.         Attendance low or stagnate.22.         No vision.

113 Signs of a Dying Church (1-20)

1.             No decisions.2.             No baptisms.3.             No new members.4.             No new life.5.             No or few children.6.             No or few college age.7.             No or few young couples.8.             All or mostly elderly.9.             Few or no visitors.10.         Routine b o r I n g services.11.         Talk mostly about money at board meetings.12.         No prayer meetings.13.         Cancel choir.14.         Cancel evening service.15.         Cancel youth meetings.16.         Little or no f e l l o w s h I p.17.         Little or no hope.18.         Believe that it’s impossible to grow there.19.         Much bickering.20.         Much gossip and b a c k b I t I n g.