To access a rough draft of the Leaders Session 1 manual, type in the search box: church board meetings and then press search. I apologize, it needs to be seriously edited, but all the material is there.

Together, seeking to bear much fruit for our Master, Larry



Church Board Meetings can be a blessing or a curse. Stories of church board meetings often include a majority of night mare stories. Here are a few important tips to help make them productive and fruit bearing: (1) First have a sweet time of Scripture & prayer. (Not a lesson but an applicable section of Scripture) and then go around the room and pray a blessing on each other. (2) Have both a focused agenda and yet still some flexibility. (3) Now’s the time for reports & recommendations (4) A short discussion time.(5) Finally s majority consensus.

Problems arise from a couple of things. (1) Lack of proper research and preparation for the recommendation (2) Long and heated discussions. I’ve been in both positive and negative board meetings.

 To insure the positive kind, a key word is expedite. This can be accomplished by having your board discuss “How we can have more productive board meetings.” Work on this together. Be willing to make changes.  Be willing to experiment and try some new things. Give at least two or three meetings (a fair try) to evaluate and see if the changes are helping & really work and things are truly improved.

Help for Church Leaders 1

Expedite or Impede?

(Church “Decision Makers”

 are usually one of these styles)



Speed up                                  Obstruct

Accelerate                                 Hinder

 Hurry up                                  Hamp

       Advance                             Slow dow

                 Further                                   Delay              

           Rush                                  Hold back

                                                                        Hold up


 Either accomplishing or encumbering

    Either getting things done or stopping progress

Either being productive or discouraging

Either bearing fruit or causing to give up and quit

Either progress or becoming frustrated