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Why thIS needS to be talked about

·        MEETINGS become A bottleneck to progress.·        Church business advances at a snails pace or not at all.·        Members dread the meetings·        theY feel LIKE little or nothing is ever accomplished.·        often there is a lack of unity and A difficulty agreeing.

  WRONG CONCEPTS feel LIKE nothing can be done to improve the situation feel THAT CHURCH TRADITION PROHIBITS IMPROVEMENTS.  FOLLOWING THESE PRINCIPLESWILL PRODUCE SATISFYING ACCOMPLISMENT  1.       RE-DEFINING GOALS AND PURPOSE.2.      THE CHURCH LEADERS ATTITUDE.3.      IMPORTANCE OF THE CHURCH LEADER’S FAITH.4.      PRAYER & SCRIPTURE IN BUSINESS MEETINGS.5.      CHURCH LEADERSHIP BREAKTHROUGH6.      RESEARCH, REPORTING & RECOMMENDING 7.      3 STEPS TO SUCCESSFUL IMPLEMENTATION8.      SOAKING THE BEANS.9.      THE CONCEPT OF EXPERIMENTATION      (1) RE-DEFINING GOALS AND PURPOSEOF THE CHURCH BUSINESS MEETING A system is needed that separates the “Spiritual Goals” and the “Physical             Goals.”  However the Physical Goals should always complement the             Spiritual Goals, which are the first priority.  The Bible has no official “board.” There we see the work of the elders and             the work of the deacons. The book of Acts had a meeting of the             “leaders” to make a decision about circumcision. This was made up             primarily of the Apostles which job description closely corresponds             to that of the elders.  Denominations use these terms as their “Spiritual Leaders” Elders, Pastors, Overseers, Bishops, Presbyters and Preachers. These “Spiritual Leaders should team together to accomplish the “Spiritual Goals.” Deacons and ministry leaders should team together to make up the board under the oversight of the “Spiritual Leaders” who do not necessarily need to be physically present. The State and some constitution and by-laws require “Trustees” which could be a part of this board as well. Boards, Business meetings, Sessions should deal primarily with a physical focus. Examples of Church Board work and responsibility,             Building & Grounds             Support of Ministries & Staff,Education, Youth, Clerical or Secretarial, Finances, Greeting, Hospitality,Fellowship etc. 

Other equally important Church Leader goals will be emphasized as we go along, but the WORK OF THE KINGDOM OF GOD  should be the primary goal.

 REMEMBER: “ALL THINGS DECENTLY AND IN ORDER.” I Corinthians 14:40   (2) THE CHURCH LEADERS ATTITUDE 1, Chuck Swindoll has an excellent article on attitude. (following)2. Robert Schuler has excellent material on attitude. (following)3. Here is the emphasis of a few of the main points:            a. Try to mostly say yes.            b. Support the other guy’s idea, hoping that he’ll support yours.                        “Do unto others” etc.            c. Don’t have a chip on your shoulder.            d. Think of what can be done in cooperation with God.            e. Develop a “TEAM” spirit. (The team philosophy is a wonderful concept)            f. Be concise. Not consuming the time (It is often helpful to have specific allotted time.)                        ATTITUDE         “The longer I live, the more I realize the impact of attitude on life.  Attitude, to me, is more important than facts.  It is more important than the past, than education, than money, than circumstances, than failures, than successes, than what other people think or say or do.  It is more important than appearance, giftedness, or skill.  It will make or break a company…a church…a home.  The remarkable thing is we have a choice every day regarding the attitude we will embrace for the day.  We cannot change our past…we cannot change the fact that people will act in a certain way.  We cannot change the inevitable.  The only thing we can do is play on the one string we have, and that is our attitude…I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it.  And so it is with you…we are in charge of our Attitudes.” Charles SwindolL

ATTITUDES OF VISION AND FAITH FOR THE CHURCH LEADER   1.  Don’t vote no to any idea because “it’s impossible.”       *   Vote yes because with God nothing is impossible.  2.  Never block a helpful thought because it entails problems.       * Problems are opportunities to show how God works.  3.  Don’t wait to begin until you find a solution to every problem.       * Do what you can with what you’ve got.  4.  Never oppose a possibility because you’ve never done it and can’t imagine how it could be done.           * As our faith grows God will accomplish more through us.  5.  Don’t obstruct a plan because it runs a risk of failure.       * Remember it has the possibility of succeeding as well.  6.  Never cooperate in defeating a potentially good suggestion because you can see                                          something wrong with it.  *It’s good to get in the habit of supporting everybody’s ideas.  The more methods used to    reach a goal the more probability of achieving the goal.  7.  Don’t squelch a creative idea because no one else has ever succeeded in perfecting it. *Maybe that was the wrong time and this is the right time.  8.  Never declare any constructive concept to be impossible because you lack the time, money,  brains,  energy,  talent or skill to exploit it.       * Start, go as far as you can, research and pray.  Dreams can come true.          We must not limit God with our small thinking.  9.  Don’t discard a plan or a project just because it’s imperfect.       * The kinks can be worked out.  It can be perfected as you proceed.10.  Never resist a proposal because you didn’t think of it, you won’t get the credit, you won’t personally benefit from it, or you may not live to see and enjoy it.        * Our faith in action prepares for those that follow long after we are gone.11.  Don’t be against something because it has been tried before.       * Circumstances are different now.12.  Never quit because you’ve reached the end of the rope.       * Tie a knot and hang on. (Adapted from material by Dr. Robert Schuller)      (3)         IMPORTANCE OFTHE CHURCH LEADER’S FAITH 

  1. Without faith it is impossible to please God.”     Hebrews 11:6
  2. “The just shall live by faith.”    Hebrews 10:38
  3. “Faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen.”

Hebrews 11:1

  1. “Faith without works is dead.”    James 2:20
  2. Faith is the foundation of EVERYTHING we do in God’s Kingdom.
  3. A church leader must have a strong faith.
  4. Why?
    1. We are working with God.
    2. We are working for God.
    3. God’s priorities should be our priorities.
    4. If you put men of faith together with men with little or no faith, you create a block

                  to progress. (Unless the men with little or no faith are being mentored.)

  1. We are not saying to go blindly on without prudence and wisdom.
  2. We are not saying to go deeply into debt and then say that it’s faith.
  3.  We are saying that if you run church strictly like a business you leave God out.!
  5. “Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.”    Romans 10:17
  6.  If you don’t have faith – Get some!
  7.  God gives to every man a measure of faith; we just need to activate it. –  Romans 12:3


  1. Because of the false emphasis that the church business meeting should be run like a business meeting in society; Scripture and prayer have been left out or hurriedly set aside.

  1. Most “lay” church leaders have had little or no training. A carefully chosen Scripture “WITH A PURPOSE” can not only begin by bringing God into the meeting but also help with training and a development of spiritual maturity.

 (It will take some time and research to choose the best Scriptures.) 

  1. The prayer time can also become more rich and meaningful as you ask God to lead on EACH ITEM on the agenda and pray blessing on each other.

  1. I have found over and over again that bitterness, differences, coldness, and difficult topics have been improved by starting the meeting with a prominent time of Scripture and prayer.

          STARTING YOUR MEETINGS WITH SCRIPTURE AND PRAYER.  Many church meetings already do this in one form or another.  The WAY that you have your Scripture and Prayer is important. SCRIPTURE READING TIME      1. First thing on the agenda.      2. Pick out a section of Scripture.            I Timothy – II Timothy – Titus – I, II & III JohnNot just a verse or two or even a chapter but a healthy section. We are often so conscious of time that we hurry through the Scripture time.Don’t be afraid to plan 15 to 30 minutes for Scripture.      3. Take turns reading a chapter and keep going             around until the section is completed.       4. Just the text. No planned comments. The Holy             Spirit has prepared Scripture so that it has its             own impact.      5. You’ll be blessed by the inspiration that this brings. Many church leaders rarely read this much Scripture at one time.        PRAYING PRAYERS OF BLESSING ON EACH OTHER      1. The prayer time should be made up of two             things: Response to the Scripture just read &            Prayers of blessing on each other.2. Response to Scripture prayers allow individuals       time to respond to what the Holy Spirit brought       to mind when it was read.            3. Prayers of blessing are so sweet and             encouraging. Many Christians rarely pray             these kinds of prayers, especially publicly.      4. Start with one person praying blessing for the             person on their right (for example) and then             that person praying for the person on their             right until every one has prayed and been             prayed for.      5. Examples of prayers of blessing: For their             marriage, finances, ministry, battles, health,             job, family, witness, devotional life etc.      6. Sample Prayer            Dear Heavenly Father, Thank You for ________(Mention some of the things that he does for the church.) Bless his marriage Lord, may it be an example of the love between Jesus and His church. Bless his devotional life. Protect his time in the Word and prayer. May it be both a blessing to him and to You. Protect him from the attacks of the evil one and help him bear much fruit for You. In Jesus’ name, Amen.  THIS WILL BE A POWERFUL WAY TO BEGIN YOUR MEETING(5)CHURCH LEADERSHIP BREAKTHROUGH Helpful suggestions for your church’ “Decision Makers”  THAT WILL: 1.      Set the stage for what is needed for maximum leadership potential.2.      Act as a reminder of things already known but forgotten.3.      Make you evaluate if your leadership team is an asset or a liability.4.      Bring new life to your business meetings.5.      Supply some optional decision making agendas.6.      Help tear down blockades and strongholds in your decision making.                    CONSIDER IF YOUR MEETING TENDS TO Expedite or Impede?(Church “Decision Makers” are usually one or the other.) EXPEDITIOUS LEADER        OR             IMPEDING LEADER     Expedite synonyms:                               Impede synonyms:        Speed up                                                Obstruct        Accelerate                                              Hinder        Hurry up                                                  Hamper        Advance                                                 Slow down        Further                                                    Delay        Rush                                                       Hold backHold up   OTHER SYNONYMS                             Encumber        Accomplish                                                    Bear Fruit                                             OTHER SYNONYMS        Get things done                                     Stop progress        Are productive                                       Discourage                                                                        Cause to give up and quit                                                                        Frustrate                                                                            ♥♥KEY TRAITS OF CHURCH “DECISION MAKERS” ♥♥ THAT EITHER EXPEDITE OR IMPEDE

EXPEDITIOUS “DECISION MAKERS”           IMPEDING “DECISION MAKERS*The church is a high priority                                                    *The church is a low priority*Identify the need or needs                                                        *Address the squeaky wheel*Prioritize                                                                                        *No sense of priorities.*Sense of urgency                                                                                    *No sense of urgency*Anxious to accomplish                                                              *Procrastinate and put off*Appointed research                                                                    *Indefinite research or none*Information presented                                                               *Some information presented*Short discussion then vote                                                      *Long discussion and tabled*Have a clear picture of God’s priorities                                 *God’s priorities not clear*Much faith in God for church                                                   *Little or no faith in God for business.                                                                              church business*Much prayer for God’s leadership                                          *Little or no prayer for God’s                                                                                                                 leadership*These leaders have come to a place in                               *These leaders have not come to their spiritual growth that the church                                     a place in their spiritual growthand its business are a major priority                                        where the church is a majorIn their life.                                                                                        priority in their life.MAKE A COPY OF THIS SHEET FOR EACHLEADER AND TOGETHER EVALUATE HOW THISAPPLIES (item x item) TO YOUR GROUP & CHURCH. Is it any wonder that “decision makers” that expedite, are a part of churches that are healthy, full of life and bearing fruit?  Is it any wonder that “decision makers” that impede are a part of churches that are unhealthy, lack life and are not fruit bearing? With God’s help we hope to encourage as many discouraged churches as possible to gain this level of Christian leadership maturity and become healthy productive, fruit bearing churches.  There is hope because:·      Leaders can learn·      Leaders can change·      Leaders can mature  Most non-productive leaders have never been taught these skills or even heard of them. These are the leaders that are excited, hungry and ready for the joy and excitement God intended them to have.  HOW CAN A CHURCH BOARD USE THESE PRINCIPLES AND MAKE THESE POSITIVE CHANGES? ·       First, call on the Lord, asking for His direction and discernment. ·       Second, read this information through then go back and check or circle the points that apply to you and your board. Both the positive and the negative. ·       Third, in a consensus list the points you want to add and the points you want to subtract. ·       Fourth, prioritize in a list the most important traits to acquire and the most important (in order) traits you wish to abandon. ·       Fifth, start immediately on as many as you can reasonably change at a time, till you become the board that you want to be. This will bring results for maximum productivity, bearing much fruit for Jesus and His Kingdom. PRAY FOR EACH ITEM ON YOUR AGENDASEEK GOD’S LEADERSHIP Board Meeting Agenda Option

Date _______________________________Time  _____________________________

This month’s chairman ___________________________________________________                                                                                                                                                                                             

 Members         Present   Absent                  Call To Order ________________________                                

  1.  ___________________________       Devotion Leader ______________________    

  2. ____________________________               Topic ___________________________                                          

  3. ____________________________               Text  ___________________________                                          

  4.____________________________                Prayer Time _____________________                                 

  5  ___________________________                 Preacher’s Report ________________

  6 ___________________________                  Elder’s Report ___________________

  7. ___________________________                 Deacon’s Report _________________                           

  8. ___________________________                 Building and Grounds _____________

  9. ___________________________                 Education ______________________

10.  ___________________________                Evangelism _____________________

11. ___________________________                 Fellowship ______________________

12. ___________________________                 Missions ________________________                                                                                            13  ___________________________                 Special Ministries _________________                                                                                              

14. ___________________________                 Stewardship _____________________

15  ___________________________                 Worship _________________________                             16  ___________________________                 Youth ___________________________                                                                                                           17. ___________________________                                                                                           18. ___________________________                                                                                                 19. ___________________________                                                                                                  Old Business: __________________________________________________________                                                                New Business: _________________________________________________________                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Adjourn   ______________________________________________________________

Prayer  _______________________________________________________________

Board Proposal Form Option

Date _______ Proposal (s) _________________________________________________


______________________________________________________________________                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Board Members                                              Present  Absent  Yes  No  Abstain

1. ____________________________________________________________________                                        

2. ____________________________________________________________________                                                                                                                 

3.  ___________________________________________________________________                                                                                                              4. ___________________________________________________________________                                                                                                                5. ___________________________________________________________________                                                                                                               6. ___________________________________________________________________                                                                                                              7. ___________________________________________________________________                                                                                                               8.  ___________________________________________________________________                                                                                                              9.  ___________________________________________________________________                                                                                                             10. ___________________________________________________________________                                                                                                               11. ___________________________________________________________________                                                                                                              12. ___________________________________________________________________                                                                                                                13.  __________________________________________________________________                                                                                                              14 ___________________________________________________________________                                                                                                              15. ___________________________________________________________________                                                                                                               16. ___________________________________________________________________                                                                                                                17. ___________________________________________________________________                                                                                                               18, ___________________________________________________________________                                                                                                                19. ___________________________________________________________________                                                                                                                

20. ___________________________________________________________________                                                                                                               


Chairperson ___________________________________________________________                                       

Co-Chairperson ________________________________________________________

     (6)                     RESEARCH, REPORTING & RECOMMENDING  These three things are the key to expeditious decision making.      1. RESEARCH This is the first step after a topic or an assignment has come up. Work projects like painting, lawn care, snow removal, hiring, purchasing etc.   This research should be assigned to one or two and be completed by the next meeting at the longest.  If it is more urgent it should be done quicker.  2. REPORTING This should be done as part of the agenda. It is a result of the previous research. It should be prepared in a way that it can be explained simply and quickly. A part of the reporting should include the recommendation. 3. RECOMENDATION. This recommendation should provide a short time for questions with opportunity for consensus or if absolutely necessary a vote.  Of course this takes some time. The whole process can usually be accomplished in fifteen minutes. Arguing under the disguise of discussion is not only non-productive but non-Christian.  However if this is NOT done decently and in order it can produce a serious bottleneck. Tabling should be a last resort. Usually tabling is a result of poor decision making.    (7)3 STEPS TO SUCCESSFUL IMPLEMENTATION          

  2. Put   DATE &  TIME      on the Master Calendar
  3. Pick the    WHO     and put name and/or names on the Master Calendar.



“Soaking The B e a n s ” (The idea that you present a new idea, a challenge, and talk about it, discuss it and dream about it for a while before you actually do it.  WARNING – don’t soak them so long that they rot.  A guideline for most things would be a month minimum to two or three months maximum.) THIS IS NOT LIKE TABLING. NOT TO POSTPONE BUT TO LET THE IDEA SINK IN.

                      (9)THE CONCEPT OF EXPERIMENTATION It‘s a healthy attitude for a church board to be freely willing to experiment. The primary advantage of experimentation:

  • Boards are more willing to try it for a while to see if it works.

a.      If it doesn’t – maybe it’s not for now but for some other time.b.     If it does praise the Lord! 

  • Remember doctrines are unchangeable.

  • Remember methods are many and often change.

  • Remember that you should give an experiment a fair time to work:

    • Often at least six months is good.
    • Rarely only a month or a whole year.

 DON’T BE AFRAID TO TRY SOMETHING NEW.      QUESTIONSANSWERS&DISCUSSION*Things you wonder about.*Problems you have heard of.*Something you don’t understand.*Clarification or ideas of your own.*Looking for a solution.*Where your board has the most trouble.*Where you feel you need the most help.


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