You’re Not a “One-Man” show

I think there are times we are all tempted to think life is a one man show. If that describes how you do “church” then you better think twice.

“A story is told (I first heard it from Chuck Swindoll) about the great violinist Niccolo Paganini, who was performing one evening before a packed concert hall, surrounded by a full orchestra. As he began the final piece, one of the strings on his violin snapped. In his genius, Paganini was able to continue playing the piece on the remaining three strings. A moment later, a second string snapped. Paganini continued, playing the concerto on the remaining two strings. And then a third string snapped, but still Paganini continued. He finished the piece, note for note, with one string on his violin. When the performance was over, the crowd rose in thunderous applause. Paganini, ever the humble musician, raised his violin and boldly proclaimed, “Paganini and one string!” He cued the conductor, the orchestra began to play, and he performed his encore, note for note, with one string on his violin.

“The time may come when you feel like you’re down to one-string — when your marriage is down to one string, or your financial future is down to one string, or your hope is down to one string … and you know you’re no Paganini.

“Here’s the good news. One string is enough. God’s grace is that amazing. His power is that invincible. His love, that unstoppable. If you feel like one string is all you have left — and maybe it’s about to snap, too — it’s time to stop trying to be a one-man show. Let God do in your life what only He can do.

“As for me, I will call upon God; and the Lord shall save me. (Psalm 55:16)”

I received this from Steve May via email and decided to share it with you.


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