When God Picks You to Tell Someone About Jesus _ Go for It

Sometimes we can get so wrapped up talking to people about the news, the weather, the ball game, the job, the politicians, the whatever that we miss an opportunity to talk to people about Jesus. In Acts chapter 8 we read of a time that God knew that someone was ready to hear about Jesus and He chose Philip to be that someone to go and tell him (see Acts 8:26ff). I would call that a divine appointment.

Have you ever had one of those? You probably have but did you know it was happening? If we are sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit we certainly will. God will either lead us to these appointments or them to us but when opportunity knocks we need to answer the door.

Now the only way we are going to know if someone is at the door is if we are paying attention. For Philip it was a question about Scripture. For us, it might be that or how we feel about some situation like a natural disaster _ or helping someone with a marital problem _ or how we feel about some social issue _ or experiences we’ve learned about parenting _ on and on it goes. But when the door opens we need to be ready and trust the Spirit when it comes to sharing our faith in Jesus.

There are literally millions of people in this world looking for spiritual fulfillment, and we have what they are looking for. Just make sure that you are gentle as you share. Sharing our faith involves give and take communication. Philip understood that sharing his faith was not about confrontation _ it was about communication. We don’t need to shout _we don’t even need to do all the talking. Remember, we don’t have a message to sale __ we don’t have a message to yell __ we do have a message to tell.

So let’s pay attention to the leading of the Holy Spirit because He knows what’s on people’s minds and He will lead us to those who are ready to listen and respond to Jesus.


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