O Little Town of…

One of my favorite times of the year comes near the very end of every year _ Christmas. The Christmas season is upon us and one of my favorite parts of Christmas is the music, especially the carols. One of those carols is O Little Town of Bethlehem. Some time ago a friend of mine wrote a thought provoking article using that song title as his inspiration. I wondered if it fits your community thus the title __ O Little Town of …

“When Jesus came so long ago, the people were busy with important family matters and caring for their own. One tiny baby can get lost in a sea of preoccupied people. It’s not that they didn’t care _ they just didn’t take time to notice or understand. The inn was full. There was nothing personal in keeping the young couple out _ there were just too many other people _ too many plans to take care of to give them much time or attention.

“But a few took notice: some shepherds, a few wise men, and the angelic host of heaven. The angels sang of Him _ the shepherds ran to find Him _ the wise men began the search to bring Him gifts (by the way it was not to give gifts to one another).

“So it is yet today. Jesus again comes to a little village. Many of us hurry and scurry about and even do so in His name. But if we aren’t careful in this busy season we can brush Him aside for whom we should be rejoicing. All too often Jesus gets crowded out of our schedules as we worry about so many other things. Jesus gets lost amidst Santa, Frosty, Scrooge, Rudolph, ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ and ‘White Christmas’, the baking, the shopping, the parties, on and on it goes.

“Still a few remember and worship Him. We read again the glad tidings from the Bible in family circles. In places of honor you will find nativity scenes. And in humble hearts, the Lord Jesus finds room made ready for Him to rule and reign. It is my prayer that Christ will be welcome in your busy lives and in the town you call home this Christmas.”

(adapted from an article by Mitch Simpson)


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