Does the Church Have Something to Say?

It seems that fewer and fewer people consider church attendance a priority. According to numerous surveys, the three reasons people give for not going to church, or quit going to church, are:

  1. The services are boring.
  2. The sermons are irrelevant.
  3. The people are unfriendly.

The world by and large perceives the church as being judgmental _ having a holier-than-thou attitude instead of proclaiming a wonderful message of hope. As a result, many non-believers don’t feel welcome when they go to “church”.

One preacher made this eye-opening statement, “We’ve been judging the world and talking to ourselves, when we should be judging ourselves and talking to the world!” How can we do that? How can we speak to the world? Well for one thing rather than expecting people to come to us we can start going to them. When you go to work or the game or the beach or the store or the restaurant or the family reunion _ wherever you happen to be going look for opportunities to share Jesus and one way to start the ball rolling is by having a kind word.

The question then becomes: How can we make our churches a “user-friendly” place that reaches people for Jesus Christ when they show up? For starters you can…

  1. Design uplifting services that help people connect with Christ.
  2. Address issues people actually face.
  3. Proclaim an uplifting message of hope in Christ more than a program you are pushing.
  4. Make the effort to connect individually with people.

Paul simply put it this way: “Be wise in the way you act toward outsiders, make the most of every opportunity. Let your conversation be always full of grace.” (Colossians 4:5-6)

In order for us to be the church that God wants us to be, we must reach out to “outsiders”. We must also do our best to have dynamic, uplifting services that makes people want to become insiders. Now remember a key to your success as a church requires more than just entertaining people for an hour _ we must connect with people in a way that helps them make a life changing connection with Jesus Christ.


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