Rise Up O Church of God and Be the Church

Inventors have always dreamed about the great potential for their contraptions. Back in 1926 inventions were put up for sale that had been accumulating in the patent office for over 125 years. They sold things like an adjustable pulpit for preachers. One preacher in Ohio was supposedly using the contraption while preaching a hellfire and brimstone sermon. He was really into it when he slammed the pulpit with his fist and shouted, “What about you, where will you spend eternity?” Unfortunately the slam also triggered the device and down he went!

The question I have is what about the dreams _ the goals _ the hopes of your church? Sometimes we think that if we can come up with the right gimmick or have the things mega-churches have there will be growth. Well the truth is you don’t have to rely on gimmicks to reach your potential. You simply need to use what God has already given you.

I know that the church has been given a quite a daunting task which when summed up is preparing people for The Day. However, rather than making excuses for why we can’t complete the task throw the excuses into the dumpster. That’s what the Apostle Paul did. In Philippians 4 he had a list of excuses he could have used to give up instead he chose a better way: “I can do everything through Him who gives me strength.” (Philippians 4:13) The good news is that we can do “everything” as well because God is still with us giving the strength we need to get “er done. So rise up o church of God and be the church.


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