One afternoon a man named John walked into a bank to finalize a business transaction. The teller told him that the officer he needed to see wasn’t in because an emergency had come up so he would need to come back the next day. John said he understood and asked the teller to validate his parking ticket. The teller informed him that, according to bank policy, she couldn’t validate his parking ticket because he had not completed a financial transaction.

John asked for an exception since he had come to the bank intending to do business. He wasn’t able to because the appropriate officer wasn’t in. The teller didn’t budge. She said, “I’m sorry; that’s our policy and rules are rules.”

At that John decided to make a transaction and closed his account. John’s last name was Akers and John Akers was the chairman of IBM _ the account he closed had 1.5 million dollars in it. Since that qualified as a financial transaction the teller was required to validate the parking ticket _ which she did.

I know this story has made the rounds; I don’t know if it’s true or another email legend, but it teaches us some valuable lessons:

  1. Training is learning the rules.
  2. Experience knows when to make an exception to a rule.
  3. Leadership is doing what is wise.
  4. Wisdom comes by spending time with God _ in His Word and in prayer.

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