The Forgotten Man of the Christmas Story

When it comes to the characters of the Christmas story hopefully the first thing we think of is Jesus, after all He is the reason for the season. However, when it comes to characters it doesn’t stop with Jesus we also think of Mary and shepherds and wise men _ of Herod and Caesar _ of Simeon and Anna.

Today I want us to look at the oft-forgotten character in the Christmas story. It seems that sometimes even sheep and donkeys and camels not to mention stables and mangers and a star seem to get a bigger billing than this character. So who might this guy be? It’s Joseph, a man Joel Gregory has called “The Forgotten Man of Christmas,” and I can see why _ Joseph is talked to and talked about, but not a single syllable is recorded that came from his lips.

Yes, Joseph seems to be an extra among a cast of superstars _ but his role, while subtle, was incredibly significant. How? You ask. Well, what Joseph did spoke louder than anything he might have said. And just what exactly was it that Joseph did that was so great? Matthew put it this way, “…he did what the angel of the LORD had commanded him…” (Matthew 1:24)

There it is, so simple and yet so profound _ God spoke and Joseph obeyed. And that my friends, is a great lesson for us to put into practice not only during the Christmas season but every day of our lives.




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