Leadership 101

Leadership 101

If you have a desire to serve God, there will be a place for you to serve because there is no shortage of things to be done. That being said there is a shortage of those willing to actually do things that need to be done. One reason for that is that both serving God and serving people comes with the price tag of commitment. To be committed you must be trustworthy, compassionate, and ready to work.

Another reason is leadership or more often than not a lack of leadership. One of the greatest needs in the church is leadership. So what kind of person does God choose to lead? Well, for one thing a great leader is humble. For another thing a great leader is committed to prayer. For another thing a great leader is godly. For another thing a great leader is willing to serve. That being said there is more to leadership than willingness. We don’t need leaders who are willing but not ready _ are willing but not dependable _ are willing but not mature _are willing but not pure.

Godly leaders must invest both time and energy in a God-pleasing way. If your heart is not moved compassionately toward the needs of other people, you’re simply not leadership material. But, if seeing what needs to be done compels you to get involved so that people are led to Christ, then you have what it takes to be used by God.

If you are interested in being a leader, a great book from which to learn leadership principles is Nehemiah. Nehemiah is the story of an ordinary man with an extraordinary vision. He was a great leader because he was, with God’s help, able to overcome tremendous obstacles and lead people from vision to reality.

In the book of Nehemiah leaders learn the importance of incorporating themes such as prayer, service, encouragement, and unity into their lives and the lives of people they serve. We also learn how to face opposition, delegate responsibility, handle criticism, and deal with success successfully.

For the next few weeks I will be sharing blogs that deal with principles that help leaders lead people from vision to action so that the great name of our LORD is exalted.


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