You bloggers have been so faithful and so patient, even though my web connection has been down for over a month. One of the comments that came in during that time requested more information on  “church boards.” Of course that is the topic of one of our Church Leader Sessions. However, I can take that material and put it in this blog. I will make it a goal to get that done this week.  It’s amazing that even though I haven’t been able to add any new material for all that time, we still have been averaging over 1000 hits per month.

I come up with Church Leader topics from my experience and ministry, however, it is so helpful when you help me meet your needs by communication under the “COMMENTS” switch at the bottom of every entry. Please feel free to use this opportunity.

You can also communicate with me by e-mail rtdmin@hoosierlink.net or telephone (574)274-8288.

We are introducing Church Leaders Session 2 “MAKING SUNDAY SPECIAL” February 23 @ Swan Lake Conference Center – Plymouth, Indiana. the time is 9:30 to 11:30 AM and the cost is $20. Which covers both registration and your own personal manual.

Together, seeking to bear much fruit for our Master, Larry


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