Bible Foundation for Church Leaders 2

Actually the third week – but lesson 2

Church Organization and Leaders from the BibleAnswers Week Two 

  1. Acts 14:23 – What are the three primary lessons for church leaders in this verse?
    1. Elders are ordained
    2. Every church is to have them
    3. Each church should have a plurality


  1. Titus 1:5 – A. Who is to set in order? B. What is setting in order?

A.     Primarily the pastor and elders – (context of complete study)

B.     Priorities of God for His church.

1. Glorify God

2. Share the “Good News.”

3. Equip, disciple, teach.

4. Decently and in order

5. In all things love.

6. Seek first the Kingdom.

7. Reprove, rebuke, exhort etc. etc. etc.



  1. Acts 20:17 – 35 – Different titles & emphasis, same function. What are the titles?

Vs. 1 – Elder – Prebyter, vs. 28 – Overseer – Bishop, vs. 28 – Shepherd – Pastor


  1. Acts: 6:2 – 6:6 – A. What are the qualifications for these men? B. What was their primary job?

A. Qualifications:

    1. Good reputation
    2. Full of the Holy Spirit
    3. Full of wisdom

B. Their Job:

            1. Serve (serve tables –help the widows)

            2. Relieve the Apostles so they could focus on prayer and the ministry of the Word.


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