A little bit about BLOGROLL, connecting to other sites from this blog.

(1) Common Ground the pioneering work in Plymouth under the leadership of Nathan Babcock. It is focused on reaching the unchurched in Marshall County. This was launched from the previous ministry where Larry Ferguson had been pastor for ten years. Nathan is a very good friend and also a CES board member.

(2) Plymouth Weather is obvious but will also connect to your weather report in your  area.

(3) Gracious Christian Living is a business/ministry of a friend of ours (Cindy Kirchner) in the Seattle Washington area. They have unique Christian art and other Christian gifts.

(4) More Encouragement leads to an encouragment ministry that I recently discovered. Kay offers help for encouragement in a variety of life’s situations.

(5) Oaksengine connects to the national ministry of our good friends, Tommy & John Thomas Oaks.

(6)Pastor Heath’s Blog connects to the ministry of Pastor Heath Hiatt (one of othe CES board members) He is a good friend and part of the exciting ministry of the Heartland Churches.


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