In my devotion time today (2 KIngs 9 ff) The overwhelming lesson is from God’s relationship with the Kings through the prophets. We know of and are very greatful today for God’s mercy and grace through Jesus. But even so we still, in many ways, reap what we sew. The “good kings” were blessed by God and the “bad kings” recieved His punishment.

As church leaders we need His blessing and direction as much or even more than other Christians. We need to learn to trust Him COMPLETELY. We need to diligently seek His face. His direction and leadership. Even though faith is a gift from God. (“He gives to every man a measure of faith.”} we need to develop a strong faith  that sees God working in our everyday life.

I know you , like me, want to hear our Father’s “well done good and faithful servant.” and bear much fruit.

Together, seeking to bear much fruit for our Master, Larry


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