Encouragement Sermon 4

“God Has A Word Of Encouragement For You – Know What It is?”


TEXT – Isaiah 40


The world is hard on Christians. Can come to church battered and bruised. Some times its from without and some times within.

From Within:

*Rejected in a time of need.

*If they’re not on the inner circle they’re treated as if they aren’t important..

*Instead of help to overcome – pressed toward bitterness and hatred for the church.

*Not given opportunity to be a part.

*Careless words that bite and wound.

*Dealing with the struggles of life and getting no help.

From Without:

Battles you’re fighting in your own life.

I. Encouragement from Isaiah 40

Vs. 1 – “Our God has said, “Encourage my people! Give them comfort. Speak kindly to Jerusalem and announce your slavery is past; your punishment is over.”


Vs. 3 – “Clear a path . . . for the Lord our God.”

We need to be encouraged so we will accomplish God’s purposes. We limit living productive lives when we are discouraged.


Vs. 5 “Then the glory of the Lord will appear for all to see, the Lord has promised this.” Glorify the Lord when we are encouraged.


Vs. 6 “What should I shout!” When you really feel good! So encouraged you feel like shouting!


Vs. 8 “Shout . . . What our Lord has said will never change!”


Vs. 9 Be encouraged because there is good news.

Shout it as loud as you can!

Don’t be afraid to shout. Your God is here.”


Vs. 10 “The powerful Lord God is coming to rule.” Hope when the world seems so messed up. “He rewards his people.”


Vs. 11 “The Lord cares. Just as shepherds care for their flocks. He carries the lambs in His arms. While gently leading.”


Vs. 18 “Who compares with God. – Is anything like Him.?”


Vs. 21 “Isn’t it clear that God created the world? God is the one who rules the whole earth.”


Vs. 29 “The Lord gives strength to those who are weary.”



Chapter 41:6 & 7 “comfort each other saying don’t worry.”

“Encourage one another and say “We’ve done a great job.”


Vs. 10 “Don’t be afraid. I will make you strong and protect you and give you victories.


Vs. 16 Then you will celebrate and praise me your Lord.”




II. Encouragement by learning Who We Are In Christ


Isaiah 40:31

“But those who trust the Lord will find new strength. They will be strong like eagles soaring upward on wings; they will walk and run without getting tired.”


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