Last night I finished work on material for our first Leadership Session coming up the last of October.  I have created a teaching manual and a student manual just like we use in our CES Seminars. The only difference between the two manuals is the student’s is fill in the blanks and the teacher’s has the blanks filled in. I find this method helps hold interest and keeps students from jumping too far ahead.

The news release for this Church Leaders Session 1 is supposed to be published this Saturday (tomorrow) in the Plymouth, Indiana Pilot News on the religious page. We plan to follow this up with a phone call to area churches, inviting their board members, and then a mail out with a registration card.

If you are interested in having a Church Leadership (two hours)  Session in your area, just contact us as our e-mail address rtdmin@hoosierlink.net or phone us at                (574) 274–8288.

Hope you are checking  A Catgegories Directory to be aware of all this blog has to offer. It goes into more detail than just checking the category titles. After you check the A Categories Directory you still have to go back to Categories to pull it up.

Tell your church leader friends about this blog site. Thank you for chcking us out. If you would, please click on comments under this box and give us your thoughts.

Together, seeking to bear much fruit for our Master, Larry 


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