I’m still reading in 2 Samual in my daily devotions. Today I covered David’s fall and the Prophet Nathan’s correction. Several key points come to mind.

1. David commited terrible sins: adulty, the ffort to cover it up and the murder of Uriah. *Sin is always terrible. *But it is not unpardonable.

2. God sent a prophet with a message of recognition of the sin and a directive for correction. Through the Holy Spirit God helps us recognize our sin (conviction) and direction for correction.

3. David repents and God forgives. But there is still consequences. (God designed a special punishment for David.) Even after all this, (Because of David’s repentance, Psalm 51) God considers David a man after His own heart!

We’re going to sin (Some more serious than others.) We need to quickly repent, especially we church leaders. Satan will try to beat us over the head with past sins, saying we are unworthy. Forgiveness is sweet. Lord help us to be dead to sin and alive to Christ. We serve together as forgiven soldiers of the cross with a testimony of God’s wonderful mercy and love.

Together, seeking to bear much fruit for our Master, Larry 


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