Welcome new bloggers from the North American Christian Convention. (Glad to have you regulars as well.) Few points about getting the most from this Blog Site:

1. In the Categories File go to A Catgegories Directory. This will show you all the options from Church Encouragements Services. I wish that you could just click on those to get to the particualr categories, Oh well. You find what you want and then go back to the Categories File and select your choice.

2. We desire your comments. They are easy to make by just clicking on COMMENTS at the bottom of any particular post.

3. Our primary advertising is just word of mouth. So, if you enjoy this Blog and it provides help for you, tell preachers, elders, deacons, ministry leaders etc.  churchhelp.wordpress.com

4. This is hosted by Larry Ferguson director of Church Encouragement Services Inc. Our primary ministry is the CES week-end seminar. Using our 500 page resource manual “Raising the Dead” (new life for churches) Our other ministries include: our Saturday morning 2 hour county wide Leaders Session. Example: Let’s talk about Church Board Meetings.  And this Church Leaders Blog site.


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