1.  Be a companion to the lonely.  2.  Be the great problem solver to those with problems.  3.  Help those that have financial difficulties . 4.  Comfort those that need comfort.  5.  Protect those under attack.  6.  Encourage the discouraged.   7. Give wisdom to those making decisions.  8.  Give direction to those that don’t know which way to turn.  9.  Bring unity to broken families. 10.  Take away the pain of those that are hurting. 11.  Bring joy to the unhappy. 12.  Strengthen the faith of those who doubt. 13.  Give a vision to those who have lost hope. 14.  Help those that are negative to be positive.          15.  Help those that worry to trust You more. 16.  Help those whose foundation is weak to love Your Word. 17.  Teach us to pray,  to acknowledge You in all of our ways. 18.  Help us to please You and glorify You19.  Help us to let our light shine for You. 20.  Bless Your people with prosperity and let them know that it came from You. 21.  Provide for us so that we are able to give generously.


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