MORE WORSHIP PRAYER # 2 – PRAISING THE LORD This list of topics will be helpful in your prayers of thanksgiving and praise. If you have others to add, write them down. This list originated in an elders meeting and was the foundation for the prayer time that evening. They are God You are prayers
You are my Strong Right Arm    My hiding place   My Shepherd Shelter Rock You are Good My Provider You are Life My Strength. You are Light You are Truth You are my Hope You are Faithful You are my Reason for Living You are my Shield The Builder of the house You are Merciful You Reign forever You are Love The Judge of the world You are Wisdom You hear and answer prayer You know me Creator of Heaven and Earth You are my Protector You are most Holy You are Righteous You Restore You are Almighty You are our Teacher You are Compassionate You are our Elder Brother You are Lord Holy, Holy, Holy art Thou You are my Savior You are the Lamb You are my Encourager Jesus Saves You are my Defender You are my Counselor He satisfies You are Prince of Peace You are worthy You are the Everlasting Father He is Risen Your Love endures forever He is preparing a place for us You adopted us He is the Still small Voice You made us joint heirs God is my Judge You are the Great Physician You are my Promise Keeper You are the Lawgiver You never forget You forgive / You are Just / You are my Helper You are my Refuge You are Awesome You understand You are Power You listen Beginning and the End You have spoken You are my Comforter You wait You Convict You are Boldness You are Wonderful You are my Joy You uphold You give another chance You are Sweet You are Glorious You are my Sanctuary You free me from bondage You are my King You Direct my paths You are Trustworthy


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