(Learning to be open and up front with God.)  1.  Lord bring about positive change.  2.  I come repenting for things not done that you’ve asked me to do and things I did that you asked me not to.  3.  I admit my lack of wisdom.  4.  I admit my failures.  (Name them.)  5.  I admit my mistakes.  (Name them.)  6.  I admit my sins.  (Name them.)  7.  I admit my needs.  (Name them.)  8.  Cause me to have an  e x c I t e m e n t   about your work.  9.  Help me  m e e t   p e o p l e s   n e e d s.10.  I pray that decisions for Christ will be made weekly.11.  Help me to reach new people.12.  I pray for sincere conversions.13.  I ask you to change lives for Christ.14.  For spiritual and numerical growth and that many will come to visit.15.  Help me to  b e a r   f r u i t  for you


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