I was blessed by being asked again to be the guest preacher. On my prayer walk this morning I asked the Lord what He wanted me to preach and before the end of the walk the thought came to my mind that we Christians need help in entering the name of Jesus into our conversations more often. I discover that often in Christian fellowship the name of Jesus is left out. Now I’m not saying that His name needs to enter every conversation. However it seems that His name is almost never brought up. I think I’m going to preach on that. (Confession: I don’t mention His name as often as  I  should.)

My texts will be those familiar Scriptures, “If I be lifted up” and “confess me before men”.

Then the practical applications will include:

Holy Spirit remind us to speak more often of Jesus. Help us to not be embarrassed, Strengthen our faith (Remember that without faith it is impossible to please God.) to SEE Jesus working in our lives and create testimonies of Jesus that we need to share. We should be able to share situations where: Jesus helped us not to worry, Jesus answered our prayer for a physical, material or spiritual need. I know I’m going to Heaven because of Jesus. Jesus means so much to me because . . . Jesus gave me peace when I . . .

Anyway that’s where I am right now. What I end up preaching God only knows. I do know that we need to talk of Jesus more.

Tell your friends about this blog site and take a minute to give me some input. I want to know if this material is of any help or encouragement and I want your suggestions on how I can be of more help. Click on COMMENTS below this post.

Together, seeking to bear much fruit for our Master, Larry


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