14 Barriers that hinder growth & lead to death            1. Not identifying problems.            2. Not calling out to God.            3. No Vision.            4. The Bible is not the ultimate authority.            5. No one is sharing the Good News.            6. Leadership weak.             7. Confusion of preacher’s job description.            8. Confusion of elder’s job description.            9. Confusion of deacon’s job description.          10. No one being equipped.          11.  Poor preparation.          12. Not making Sunday special.          13. Problems left unsolved.          14. Little or no implementation.  

14 Solutions to the Barriers

1. Problems identified.            2. Now calling out to God.            3.  Vision established.            4. The Bible is the ultimate authority.            5. Now sharing the Good News.            6. Strong Leaders.             7. Clear preacher’s job description.            8. Clear elder’s job description.            9. Clear deacon’s job description.          10. Members being equipped.          11. Quality preparation.          12. Every Sunday special.          13. Problems solved.          14. Strong implementation.


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