There are at least 25 things connected with salvation in the New Testament. In the CES Seminar session “What Happened to the Good News?” I list these 25  different things related to the forgiveness of sins. It seems that one church or another has a tendency to emphasize one or two on that list and leave out the most important. EMPHASIZE JESUS. Also in that session I offer this little outline to help EMPHASIZE JESUS. I call it:

Emphasizing JESUS 

                   When Sharing God’s Plan of Salvation

1. BELIEVING                                                                        Shows Jesus that you accept Him & His Word.

2. REPENTANCE                                                                     Shows Jesus we are sorry for our sins.

3. CONFESSION                                                                    Shows Jesus that we are not ashamed of Him.

4. BAPTISM                                                                           Shows Jesus that we are ready to be obedient to Him.


1. BELIEVING                                                                            You’ll come to the conclusion that believing alone saves.

2.REPENTANCE                                                                         You’ll come to the conclusion that repentance alone saves.

3. CONFESSION                                                                        You’ll come to the conclusion that confession alone saves.

4. BAPTISM                                                                                You’ll come to the conclusion that baptism alone saves.

My friend,     JESUS SAVES!



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