What seems to be a problem is often really a symptom of something else that is the actual cause. I am calling these symptoms Surface Problems.

1. Against missions.

2. Against the youth program.

3. Doesn’t want a youth minister.

4. Against adding staff.

5. Against lengthening service.

6. Against adding services.

7. Against adding a Bible School.

8. Harsh with people.

9. Against change in general.

10. Over emphasis of constitutions and by-laws.

11. Cold

12. Desires authority and power to have the final word.

13. Holds a grudge.

14. Negative about everything.

15. Wants nothing new.

16. Against outreach.

17. No appreciation.

18. Stingy, tight with money.

19. Doesn’t want to help the poor and needy.

20. Always tearing down.

21. Against changing the order of service.

22. Leaves God out, believes results depend only on man’s efforts.

23. Doesn’t want spiritual things in the business meetings.  There is a place for that kind of stuff., but not here.

You can quickly see that, primarily, the kinds of things I am addressing here are problems with “Decision Makers” in the church. I address other kinds of problems in the CES Seminar. Problems such as immorality, bitterness, covetousness, greediness etc. under Discipline in the “Elders” Session.


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