Just a few days ago I talked to a Christian who has been missing from church the last few weeks. He is upset. Guess what? He doesn’t like the music.

Doesn’t this music thing drive you nuts some times? Me too.  A couple of observations & suggestions.

(1) Is there some way that we can stop the evil one from getting victory on this issue? (2) Can we be a little more flexible as to the absence of our favorite, instruments, style, volume etc? (3) IF WE ARE CONCERNED ABOUT ANYTHING, CAN’T WE PRACTICE OUR CHRISITIANITY  AND COMMUNICATE OUR FEELINGS IN A LOVING WAY – – – AND NOT JUST QUIT,  COMPLAIN AND NOT SHOW UP ANY MORE?

There needs to be some loving teaching and preaching (if possible before people get mad and quit.) Something along this line: (1) What a Christian should do when they have a complaint. (2) Who do you talk to when you have a complaint? (3) How should you present your case?

Oh, Keeping our eye on God’s priorities and a good measure of flexibility helps greatly!

– together seeking to bear much fruit for our Master, Larry

Comments are invited. Just click on comments below this post. Thank you. & God help us!


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