Many church meetings already do this in one form or another. The WAY that you have your Scripture and Prayer is important.  SCRIPTURE READING TIME  1. This should be the first thing on your agenda.  2. Pick out a section of Scripture.I Timothy – II Timothy – Titus – I, II & III John – Not just a verse or two or even a chapter but a healthy section. We are often so conscious of time that we hurry through the Scripture time. Don’t be afraid to plan 15 to 30 minutes for Scripture.  3. Take turns reading a chapter and keep going around until the section is completed. 4. Just the text. No comments. The Holy Spirit has prepared Scripture so that it has its own impact.  5. You’ll be blessed by the inspiration that this brings. Many church leaders rarely read this much Scripture at one time. PRAYERS OF BLESSING 1.    The prayer time should be made up of two Things: (A) Response to the Scripture just read & (B) Prayers of blessing on each other.2.      Response to Scripture prayers allow individuals time to respond to what the Holy Spirit brought to mind when it was read. Prayers of blessing are so sweet and encouraging. Many Christians rarely pray these kinds of prayers, especially publicly.3.      Start with one person praying blessing for the person on their right (for example) and then that person praying for the person on their right until every one has prayed and been prayed for.4.      Examples of prayers of blessing: For their marriage, finances, ministry, battles, health, job, family, witness, devotional life etc.  6. Sample Prayer: Dear Heavenly Father, Thank You for     __name__ (Mention some of the things that he does for the church.) Bless his marriage Lord, may it be an example of the love between Jesus and His church. Bless his devotional life. Protect his time in the Word and prayer. May it be both a blessing to him and to You. Protect him from the attacks of the evil one and help him bear much fruit for You. In Jesus’ name, Amen.  





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