Saturday I went with a gang from the Heartland churches to the Blue & Gold game @ Notre Dame.  We ended up walking almost more than I am able to, but we had a great time of fellowship. Now I’m in recovery, from aching muscles to sunburn. Was it worth it?  Well  – – – – – yes.  It created a memory that will be fun to tell for a long time.

Christian fellowship comes in many forms, Some of the greatest fellowship times that I remember were: a Teacher Training class I led years ago in Washington State, prayer breakfasts @ Christ’s Church, and yes some sweet elder’s meetings.  But other great fellowship times didn’t include the bible or prayer, just having a good time being with Christians.

I’ve always considered fellowship “frosting on the cake” as far as the gifts from God are concerned. It’s that something extra special on top of everything else.     Thank you Jesus for fellowship.

Many of our churches need more of it.

-so that together we can bear much fruit for our Master, Larry

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