113 Signs of a Dying Church ( 88-102)

1.             Discipline without love.2.             Uncomfortable talking about the things of God.3.             Outdated stuff on the bulletin boards and walls.4.             Building used very little.  (Only Sundays.)5.             Little or no activities.6.             Parsonage in poor repair.  (If there is a parsonage.)7.             Preacher not given a raise in pay.8.             The preacher is not allowed to go to seminars, clinics, conventions and not allowed days off or vacations.9.             Not aware of the preacher’s n e e d s .  (Or his wife and family.)10.         No goals, targets or dreams.11.         F u n e r a l  type music.12.         Attitude of do it and get it over with.  (Sermons, baptisms, prayer etc.)13.         The preacher does most everything.14.         The preacher is paid to do it philosophy.15.         Warnings to the seven churches from the book of Revelation:A.      Lost their first love.B.     Lukewarm.C.     Afraid and unfaithful.D.     Tolerate sin and b a d  a t t I t u d e s.E.     False teaching and no repentance.F.      Asleep.G.     Respect for the wealthy more than others.


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