113 Signs of a Dying Church (65-87)

1.             Not aware of God’s plan. 2.             Minimal k n o w l e d g e of the Bible.3.             No calling out or crying out to God.4.             Division.5.             Cliques.6.             Emphasis on social rather than spiritual.7.             Rejection of new ideas.8.             Resistance to change.9.             It won’t work here syndrome.10.        Everything seems too much of an effort.11.        Not willing to give any time.12.        Sacrifice is out of the question.13.        Not familiar with the d a n g e r s  of apostasy. (backsliding)14.        Don’t know how to fix it.15.        Blame each other.16.        Not willing to take a stand for anything.17.        Isolation from other churches.18.        Against multiple staff.19.        Against having a secretary.20.        Against visuals.21.        Against new songs.22.        Not against s i n.23.        Don’t make waves philosophy.


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