113 Signs of a Dying Church (43-64)

1.             Sunday school attendance is minimal.2.             Preacher dominated by leadership instead of team effort.3.             Problems poorly handled, ignored or magnified.4.             No plans for growth.5.             Little or no show of love.6.             Hold g r u d g e s.7.             Arguing at business meetings.8.             Threats to quit.9.             Forget the purpose of the church.10.         Priorities confused.11.         Lose touch with God.12.         Fail to seek God’s advice and direction.13.         Bitterness, hatred and a lack of forgiveness.14.         Critical with a focus on peoples f a u l t s.15.         The Holy Spirit is neglected.16.         The joy of salvation and serving Jesus is lost.17.         Routine, rut, ritual and action without meaning.18.         Problems are not looked at as o p p o r t u n I t I e s.19.         Things are thrown together and done second class with God getting the leftovers.20.         Confusion.21.        Disorganization.22.        No world vision.


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