113 Signs of a Dying Church (1-20)

1.             No decisions.2.             No baptisms.3.             No new members.4.             No new life.5.             No or few children.6.             No or few college age.7.             No or few young couples.8.             All or mostly elderly.9.             Few or no visitors.10.         Routine b o r I n g services.11.         Talk mostly about money at board meetings.12.         No prayer meetings.13.         Cancel choir.14.         Cancel evening service.15.         Cancel youth meetings.16.         Little or no f e l l o w s h I p.17.         Little or no hope.18.         Believe that it’s impossible to grow there.19.         Much bickering.20.         Much gossip and b a c k b I t I n g.


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