Meat of the Word

I Corinthians 3:2 & Hebrews 5:12-6:2)

1. From giving tithes to tithes & offerings.

2. Learn / practice unlimited forgiveness.

3. Learn / practice, “In all things love.”

4. Every thing decently & in order.

5. Totally trusting God.

6. Totally surrendered to God.

7. Praising God for “everything.”

8. Acknowledging Him in all of your ways.

9. See yourself * others thru God’s eyes.

10. To accept people, not sin.

11. To learn to be content.

12. To love enemies along with all mankind.

13. To build each other up.

14. Put aside your desires for God’s best.

15. To hate sin.

16. Seeking first the Kingdom of God.

17. Looking at life from God’s point of view.

18. Hungering & thirsting after righteousness.

20. Be light & salt.


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